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Written by Kim Doran   
Saturday, 07 July 2012 13:50

In order to serve it's members better, The Greater Columbus Emmaus Community uses a database designed specifically for Emmaus Communities.  The database makes communicating with Pilgrims, Sponsors, members and volunteers easier.  It gives access to community information to members and servants.  It saves volunteers time as they perform necessary functions.  It allows many things to occur on-line and be shared instantly rather than paper copies, FAXing, and mailing.

However, our personal information is constantly changing.  We move, change email addresses, change phone numbers, etc.  In addition, well meaning volunteers and automation software may incorrectly update information.  For this reason, we need community members to check and update their information in the database periodically.  Please assist us in maintaining this information.  This will help you communicate with other Emmaus Community brothers and sisters easily as well as making the work of the board and volunteers easier.

In order to view and update your information you need to have an account on the database website at  Most members of the community already have an account but have never accessed it.  Some may not have an account.  If you haven't accessed your account, can't remember the password, or don't have an account, the easiest way to get your account going is to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your full name, phone number, walk number (I.E. GCEC Men's #69), and email address (if you've changed your email address since your walk, please supply your old email address as well).  Don't expect instant results, but we'll try to get you up and going.

If you have a working account, please follow the following steps to see and update your information.  Please note that the web site is designed to work best with Internet Explorer, and that making the browser window full screen often makes navigation options show up better.

1.  Log into the database website (  Your username is typically your email address.  Your password is whatever you've set it to if you've used your account at least once.

2.  On the horizontal menu near across the top, put your pointer on the You selection.  A drop down menu should appear.  Move your pointer down to the All about You menu item and click.  A welcome page appears with basic instructions the the All About You sub menu.

3.  Move your pointer to the Information menu item.  A drop down menu should appear.  Move your pointer down to the Name / Contact menu item and click.  A page with your information should appear.

4.  Review the information about you.  Correct any wrong information and add any missing information.  When done, click the Update Information button at the bottom to save your changes.

Thank your for updating your information!  This will help us keep you informed on what is going on in the community and allow other community members to contact you.  This will help the community work more efficiently and effectively.

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